Mysteries of the Arcana
I’ve come across many webcomics since joining the Webcomics Collective but I’d like to bring your attention to Mysteries of the Arcana. It’s written by J. Gray with art by Keith W and its a good mix of sci-fi, action, drama and adventure.

The story instantly jumps out at you and fans of fast starts will love Arcana. We quickly find out who the main players are, namely teenagers, Chrystalline and Theresa. Along the way we find out more about the Arcana and it’s role in, well, everything. Seriously everything.

Chrystalline seems quite serious for the most part, but does have a fun, wild side that involves shoes and people that save her. Her seriousness lies in the journey ahead of her and the people involved in that.

Theresa is pretty tormented, but she seems pretty willing to leave that behind for now, getting caught up in the galactic scheme of things that is the Arcana.  She acts as our anchor to this new world, asking our questions for us.  

It’s a smart comic that’s easy to get caught up in. It’s still pretty new, with only 30 pages, so it’s easy enough to get into it. The art is good, nice colors and good pacing. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a certain strong base to tarot in this comic, though it doesn’t hit you over the head with it.

It’s off to a great start. If you’re looking for an interesting, and fun teenage buddy kind of comic, you’ll be so happy with Mysteries of the Arcana.