Macho Madness

For the second time IN A ROW, I attended Mid-Ohio Con selling my girl wrestling comic book, but this time they had me as a Featured Guest. And for the second time in a row, I went with Trevor Mueller but also brought the Mrs with me. AND for the second time in a row, we got to bunk at finer-than-the-Dragonfly/Independence-Inn, the always gracious and charming Lora and Mike Innes and was introduced to Meg Styverud, a colossus talent in her own right. A relaxing, entertaining time and I don’t think I’ll ever forget crowding around the computer and marking out over uncovering a feature of photoshop 5. My kind of peeps!!!!

Al running the floor.

So, the show. Totally cool. I got to meet some of you! It’s always great meeting you and hearing what you think of Rival Angels, especially who your favorite characters are. 😉 There was a funny moment when I was working on a commission, nose to the grindstone so to speak with Tracie running the table. I hear her starting a conversation and her saying, “I know you. You’re Tony Moore.‘ I think time froze for a second. I’m thinking….Tony Moore? Walking Dead Tony Moore? I casually look up and see that it is, in fact, Tony Moore. I stuttered, ‘Oh, hey,’ with a goofy smile but was saved when Tracie continued her conversation with him. I went back drawing, listening to every word, but also trying to invoke the power of Obsfucate-disappearing in plain sight. Just as I was close to accomplishing this feat, he left. So, you know.

Me and Kurt Busiek. Brilliant writer of Astro City, Avengers and a whole lot more.

As one of my Guesty things to do, I moderated a Webcomics Panel! And why shouldn’t I? The #1 wrestling webcomic, never, ever, ever missing an update in almost three years. But the panel was stacked with some genius talent, the kind which inspired Rival Angels to be what it is today. The panel included Lora Innes, Dirk Manning, Thom Zahler, Meg Styverud and Trevor Mueller. I personally had a lot of fun and we laid out how to be successful in webcomics. That the panelists were people that I know and admire was icing on the cake. Seriously, I don’t know if I can top it, but I am willing to take the pepsi-challenge.

Even after hours it’s hard not to talk about projects and it was fun bouncing ideas not only for my stuff, but for other people’s projects. On that note, expect a lot of cool storylines for Season 2 of Rival Angels. 😉

Mike and the girls

For more fun, check out the other con reports from Meg, Trevor and Lora’s and you can see some cool pics as well as the $2 bills we brought her. I mean, com on! She drew a picture of herself fangirling over Thomas Jefferson. It had to be done. Also, I’d be remiss by not giving a shout out to Adam Withers, Comfort Love and Bryan Glass. Maybe we’ll do it again next year? Survey says….

Bryan Glass
Writer, buddy, stuntman