Since joining the Webcomic collective, I’ve been looking forward to plugging a comic that I’ve been reading for a while now, Johnny Saturn.

First things first: I grew up on superheroes, love, love, LOVED me some Spiderman and Batman. When I got to fifth grade, I started collecting comics and never looked back. Fast forward to the new century with everything that is wrong with comics. Such as, gimmicks, crappy stories that include deals with devils and other out of character nuances with smug, money hungry EIC’s laughing their asses to the bank with just enough pandering to keep me away from superheroes for a good long while.

Enter Johnny Saturn. Here’s a webcomic/comic book that is something that can help fill the big void left by the greed of the Big two. It’s not a comic for children, and I like that. I like a webcomic that is written with my tastes. It reads alot like Austin Grossman’s exceptional book, ‘Soon I will Be Invincible.’ Just like Austin Groosman’s book, there is a wonderful nod to the old school heroes and the way that they conducted themselves but leaving out the camp and frivolity.

The writing and stories of Johnny Saturn are smart and well-written. The stories are so character driven that you get caught up in the characters lives, whether they’re ‘good guys’ or ‘bad guys.’ The distinction isn’t always clear, who’s good or bad and that’s something that will entertainingly keep you on your toes. The pacing keeps things from bogging down or accelerating at a breakneck speed. You won’t help nodding approvingly when you get taken for a ride on one of the story twists.

The art is fantastic. Every update always has top notch art, always solid. Always good angles, anatomy, perspective and the coloring fits the mood. Scott doesn’t seem to take a day off or skimp on the details.  Trust me, the art, especially the covers are amazing.

Come for the story, stay for the art. You’ll be happy you checked it out.