As you might have noticed lately, I’ve been trying to blog on off days with certain goings ons. I know most of you are here for the girl wrestling drama but I know some of you are here because you like me or you like my art. Touching on both points, I’d like to share with you a table top role-playing game I’ve been playing lately, DC adventures.

Yep, it’s the DC comics universe that houses Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Adam and Saturn Girl though me and my friends are all created characters. The game mechanics are a hybrid of D20 and the Mutant and Masterminds rules. I personally think the D20 system is probably one of the best RPG systems ever invented. I’ve not played D&D 4th ed, or even Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 and have heard good things, but I can’t speak to that, but I’ve played a ton of other systems including Palladium, GURPS, the original DC RPG, Marvel Super-heroes, Shadowrun, Vampire, Twilight 2000, Star Wars (both versions), etc. So, I’ve been around a few systems. I have to admit though, that when I first started, I was a little lost. My Gamemaster recently had us reverse engineer our characters to make sure they were accurate. This exercise cinched it for me, and there isn’t any confusion anymore and I’m positive that it’s a good fit for casual or hardcore gamers.

The setting is our Earth (DC comics universe-Earth), and in the fictional city of Grand City. I’d like to introduce you to my character, Jake Story. He grew up in Grand City and at an early age was bitten (figuratively) for a desire to get out of his hometown. A football scholarship helped him get out, but a coach’s ethics scandal kept potential recruiters away. Jake started working in the theatre and while he wouldn’t be the bard in summer stock, he’d learned enough to be a solid actor, and with a knack for physicality which lead to his current profession: Stunt man!

His latest movie gig took him back to Grand City and found he hadn’t missed it. Like a forgotten museum display, nothing changed. Jake was different though. He had flight, super-strength, regeneration, impervious skin and few other power stunts that usually involve destroying the nearby environment. (Hint: Names like, ‘Thunderclap,’ ‘Groundstrike,’ and ‘Shockwave.’ ) He also had a super-hero name to go along with his new superness: FEARLESS.

Things change, and events unfolded over the next few months to not only develop a fierce protectiveness for the city, but also bring out a hardened sense of responsibility. And, there’s a girl too. Isn’t there always?

More next time!