Commenting Guidelines

To clear up any confusion about what is and what isn’t cool when it comes to posting, I’ve written up a quick outline. 

First off, I love the community here and that people comment! We have a fun group and it’s awesome to have you interact here, twitter, facebook, forum, etc. This is the reason that I can print books, get invited to comic conventions, and host panels on making webcomics, so thanks to everyone that supports, comments, votes, cries, laughs, etc. and makes this a fun place to hangout.

Second, I read every comment, forum post, FB post, etc., but I don’t always get to reply. Sometimes there’s not enough time, but more often than not, there’s either nothing to say, or I can’t say as it has to do with potential spoilers. (Sorry jpiv. XD)

When it comes to leaving comments, please adhere to the Rule of Wheaton, aka, Don’t Be A Dick. That doesn’t mean you can’t criticize the comic, writing, art, etc. I think I’m a better artist/writer for it, but if you can’t be constructive, either email me or keep it to yourself.

I know that characters in Rival Angels are really rough on each other. For instance, Atlas called Sabrina a ‘bitch’ for rebuffing his advances. That’s totally in-character for him. Is it ever appropriate? Never. I hope as a community, despite what’s going on in the comic, we can treat each other, even the fictional ones with respect.

Mean, nitpicky, or insulting comments will get the bum’s rush.

That includes racist, sexist, misogynist, rude, or harassing comments to me, the work or to other  readers even if the characters treat each other like that. Those comments are never okay and they’re going to get deleted. Common sense should be your guiding star.

If your comment is deleted that means you crossed the line. Please don’t do it again! That’s the only explanation you’re entitled to.

Trolling will get you banned.

Just have fun.


Do you post as any of your characters in the comments section?
NO! The only person I post as is myself. There are many readers who have created wrestling personas and/or I’ve based some characters on friends of mine that support the comic.

How long does it take to draw a page?
On average, 8 hours. So, 24 hours a week.

Have you always been a wrestling fan?
LONG time fan. One of my earliest, favorite matches of all time was when Sting beat Flair at the Great American Bash.  I’ve been a hardcore fan and like now, catch up on it when I can.
I’ve also become a really big fan of MMA and the UFC in particular.

Who are some of your favorite real-life pro wresters?
Cheerleader Melissa, CM Punk, Sting, Ricky Steamboart, Macho Man Randy Savage, Cheerleader December, Lita, Medusa Miceli, Shawn Michaels, Road Warriors, and probably a dozen more.

Why a wrestling webcomic?
There wasn’t any wrestling comics when I first started! The truth is that I had been looking for a comic book project to work on, and I  knew that I would need to be passionate about the project if I was going to sacrifice time with family and friends to get it done and on time. My love of wrestling and comics in one fell swoop!