The last comic convention of the year for me is in the bag and I have to say it outproduced every and all expectations that I had!  First of all, it was great meeting everyone!  My throat was actually sore after the con and all of the next day.  I sold as many Rival Angels books in one day at FallCon as I did at one day at Wizard World.  The difference is that WW had at least two to three times the attendence, so very cool.  Its important to note, that I improved my selling pitch quite a bit.  In Wizard World, the pitch was this long, awkward thing.  Now, its pretty straight and to the point and I wish I would’ve thought of it sooner. XD  The Brooke print, once again, was the favorite of the day.  Not really sure why. 😉

Because of the 5 1/2 hour drive, we ended up getting to the con right as it opened so after registration, we were a few minutes late, but it turns out that people were already at our table looking for Rival Angels!  After a quick setup and introduction to our neighbors, things started cooking.  More after the jump….

This was the first convention sketch of the day for Patrick (primus21).  Patrick was at the con from bell to bell and visited a few times showing us all of the cool loot he got at the con as well as discussing Rival Angels.  It’s always great to listen to comments and suggestions about the con.

Sam was another fan of the comic and the second sketch here came within minutes of the opening of FallCon.  Again it was great to talk with another reader of the  comic and get his thoughts.

The Ghostbusters in the house!

Captain Hammer
Captain Hammer will save us.

The Imperials here, checking out some rebel propaganda. 😀

Can’t have the Empire without the Jedi!  They were looking for some Imperials to slice and dice.

Spidey looking a little rough Always good to know you can count on Spidey…

For real, hammer time.
This Thor costume is way cool, look at the freakin’ hammer!

Mistress Jean posing for the camera Now here’s a fun story… turns out Mistress Jean here came by looking for the comic(!) but understandably, didn’t really have any dough on her. After talking with her for a bit, she went looking for a cash machine to come buy the book! That alone, I thought was cool. Well, a few minutes later, a gentleman came over and asked what Mistress Jean was checking out. I told her the comic and he told me that when Mistress Jean was looking for my table earlier and then bought a book for himself and the lovely mistress, saying that he hadn’t visited her at her work in a while and would drop it off. So, way cool.
All in all, a great time, and in hindsight was a better time than Wizard World save the extra 4 hour drive. FallCon knows how to treat its creators and a huge thanks goes out to them for a great time.

Oh yeah, one last thing, remember when I was at the Smackdown tapings a while back…well here I am at the show 😛
Albone at Smackdown

Thanks everyone for a great time, it was a lot of fun. 🙂