Answering the Rival Angels Winter Break call, Veherzak, and his OC Samiya have challenged Sabrina to a match. If you like what you see of Samiya, be sure to check out her BIO PAGE. You an also see what happened when Samiya tangled with Xtina HERE. Same is enjoying a headscissors armbar on Sabrina. Does Sabrina tap out, or does she fine a way to escape?

Enjoy the match!




Things were starting to wrap up.


The penultimate match had just concluded in style, the victor strutting backstage after the loser had made her rather less triumphant exit. The crowd had settled back down onto their seats, their excitement still bubbling at near fever pitch as the announcer made his way back to the ring.


This was something of a special occasion for Andraste Women’s Championship Combat, the young federation selling a blend of pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts – the one year anniversary of their first show. In honour of the achievement, the management had pulled out all the stops to celebrate and, with just one match to go, the fans were anticipating something special.


Backstage, Sabrina Mancini was paying less than total attention to the announcer, the lithesome blonde instead bouncing from foot to foot with barely suppressed energy. At the end of the day, it might be a new arena, new opponent and new rules – didn’t matter.


“…and one half of the Rival Angels tag team champions…”


Oh. Right. She was up.


With that, as the crew member gave her the nod and she exploded out onto the stage with a wide toothy grin, the pre-match butterflies were drowned out by the explosion from the fanbase. They’d known that there was something in the offing, had known that there would be a Rival Angels star in at least one match. But somehow, Eli Spencer and his staff had managed to keep who it was under wraps and – as a reward – the pop was awe-inspiring. Deafening.


One of the tag-team champs there in singles action for them to see? This was a good night to be a fan.


Dressed in her cream-and-black Damage Inc togs, Sabrina jogged down the ramp, slapping every hand she could reach on her way to the ring. A quick hop to the nearest turnbuckle saw her earn a renewed burst of cheering that echoed through the arena, before Ultragirl backed off. Picking a corner, she let the ref do the usual cursory weapons check and stretched as she waited.


The crowd fell silent with the music, on tenterhooks every bit as much as Sabrina.


“And her opponent,” the announcer’s voice boomed out, “Hailing from Miami, Florida; they call her the Schoolgirl Assassin – Samiya Kusanagi!”


The opening beats of the other woman’s music blasted out through the speakers but even they couldn’t drown the immediate and heartfelt jeering that rose to match them. Sabrina looked around, somewhat bemused at the reception, before refocusing her attention on the entrance ramp just in time to get a first glance at this Samiya.


‘Small’ was her first thought but, as the gap narrowed, she had to reassess that. Samiya was short, shorter even than Sun, but she was stocky with it with thick legs and a solid build indicative of a lot of power in a small package. Her hair spilled down her back in a wave of shimmering purple, one darkly-complexioned arm adorned with a sleeve of intricate designs.


Clad in a black one-piece with tights, the two battlers couldn’t have been more different if they tried. Sabrina was tall by comparison, lean and leggy and trimly muscular by contrast, day to the Schoolgirl Assassin’s night.


High flyer to her… Well, that would be telling.


As Samiya’s music died and the ref finished his checks, the two women advanced to centre ring.


Sabrina bounced from foot to foot, eager to get things started. For her part, Samiya seemed content to look on at least until she stepped forward, offering the blonde her hand.


Well, ok.


Cautiously at first, Sabrina accepted the offered shake, relaxing when nothing happened. The two exchanged smiles, though the firm grip on the shorter wrestler easily confirmed Ultragirl’s suspicions.


She might be giving up a ton of height (and reach) to Sabrina but this Samiya had strength in spades. While the blonde was no weakling, that didn’t mean she wanted to try going power to power with someone built like that.


The bell rang.


And then Sabrina was falling forward, pulled that way by Samiya’s grip. At the same time, the tattooed wrestler had leapt up, her legs snapping up in an attempt to score a triangle choke right off the bat.


And she nearly got it. Thinking quickly, Sabrina got her other hand up, blocking the worst of the pressure against her shoulder. That gave her the time to shove forward, stacking Samiya up on her shoulders.


Before the shocked ref could even get into position, the Schoolgirl Assassin had released her hold in favour of kicking out so she could roll to freedom.


Sabrina rubbed at her neck as she rose to her feet as well. So. That was how this was going to go…


Ten minutes later.


Both women were breathing hard, their skin slick with sweat. Samiya was already sporting the beginnings of a quite definite bruise where she’d managed to block a kick with her arm and Sabrina’s breathing was, if anything, even more ragged than her opponent’s. Samiya had been milking every hold for all it was worth, dragging each count to release out for as long as she could without being disqualified.


But, battered or not, both were very clearly determined to finish what they’d started. Just as the audience wanted – they were at the top of the third round and the score was tied. That meant the deciding, decisive fall would be by submission only.


Well, or by knockout.


Sabrina had taken the first round via pinfall with a gorgeous Hurricanrana variation only for Samiya to repay the favour in the second with a triangle choke. She’d only released it grudgingly, having clearly been hoping to sneak a win by knockout.


No dice, though more than a few fans were still wondering if the Schoolgirl Assassin had almost got her wish after all. It had been a close-run thing and, even with the break, the hold had clearly taken its toll.


Not that she was about to let a thing like near-unconsciousness stop her. And this time, it was Sabrina’s turn to pull a surprise as, with the bell’s echo still fading, she raced forward. Caught off guard, the other woman recoiled, arms coming up to block but not fast enough – wrong choice when Sabrina already had reach advantage. The first kick caught her right under the ribs on the right side with a meaty ‘thwack’.


Samiya staggered back, only to take another kick to the opposite side almost before she knew it. Sabrina was treating her like a workout bag (or a stubborn tree trunk), lips pursed thinly as she worked that stocky body with a third higher kick to the right before spinning around into a tight roundhouse. Her final strike in the combination doubled the Assassin over as that bronzed leg hammered her belly like a sledgehammer.


But her sturdy base kept her upright, her lower limbs merely shaking but not collapsing. That low centre of mass again playing its part.


Disappointed but not surprised that her foe was still on her feet, however wavering her stance might be, Sabrina knew she needed to take it up a notch. Backing into the ropes, she came back in to finish the job. Displaying excellent ring awareness despite everything, Samiya dropped flat – not ideal but better than taking the clothesline the blonde had been aiming at her – and Sabrina kept on going.


Rather than let the recoil send her back again though, she caught herself on the opposite ropes and bounced into a springboard moonsault. Caught flat, it was all the tattooed wrestler could do to roll away. The fans watching almost choked in unison…


Only for Sabrina to somehow land on her feet. Somehow.


Not that she was safe; a heartbeat later and Samiya’s shoulder slammed into Ultragirl’s belly, near doubling her over with the vicious spear. Staggering for a moment before regaining her equilibrium, the brunette didn’t bother with anything fancy.


Instead, she put a kick of her own into the visiting fighter’s belly, tucked her neck under one arm and planted Sabrina with a sharp DDT.


There was a collective wince.


Drained as they both were, Samiya wasn’t as fast to capitalise as she might have been earlier. In fact, trying to sit up brought her to a cringing halt, an arm wrapping protectively around her abused ribcage.


On her second try, she scrambled to her hands and knees. Her first thought had been a simple Boston Crab but, in the interim, Sabrina had rolled onto her back. So instead Samiya went for the arm, shifting around to lock her legs around the blonde’s head and neck as she wrenched back on the limb.


The headscissors armbar was a nasty hold, a fact amply demonstrated when Sabrina immediately jerked back to life, her free hand scrabbling at the mat. The Schoolgirl Assassin might not have the leg length of some, but the solid mass of her quads spoke to her impressive lower body strength.


She hadn’t got the arm as tight as she’d like but this could work either way.


Or it might have done. Certainly, given the weight involved, Ultragirl probably couldn’t have dragged them to the ropes. But the rolling around had brought them just close enough that she could-




Her fingers just slipped past, barely missing as a choked gasp escaped her throat.


One… More… Try!


If she’d been able to, Sabrina would have cheered as the ref swept in to begin the count. It was still a good four more seconds before she was free but she was still in the match. Whew. And she’d bought herself a break to get her head back in the game too. It was one she needed.


If the blonde was relieved at her narrow escape, Samiya was less than impressed. Her eyes were narrowed, her mouth a thin line as she brushed sweat from her brow. It was a rookie mistake she’d made and not one she was used to making at that.


Now she was back where she started, on the outside of Ultragirl’s kicking range, and that was a problem.


Despite her best efforts, it wasn’t really a problem she’d managed to solve either as the next exchange proved.


Justifiably wary of getting in close with a submission specialist like Samiya before wearing her down still further, Sabrina took a moment to gather her thoughts before stepping back out. For a moment, the two circled, eyes fixed on each other.


And then Samiya feinted in, moving left before trying to dart to the right. Only to meet a sharp kick to the outer thigh, the tribal sun on her leg acting almost as a bullseye for Sabrina’s talented gams. It left the stockier woman staggering a step forward and Sabrina took the opportunity to put a second shot in to the inside of the same leg. All her opponent’s momentum stolen now, Ultragirl went high with the third shot, going for the ribs again.


The shot smacked into Samiya’s raised arm, drawing a wince but better that than her abused ribs. An instant later she was grabbing for the extended leg but Sabrina had already pulled it back in anticipation.


And that set the pattern for the next few exchanges. Sabrina taking advantage of her longer reach and stronger striking game to wear her opponent down. Samiya did her best to make it hard for the blonde but Sabrina was fast enough to stay on her and then back away if the brunette went to attack.


The turning point came when the latest kick caught the Assassin on the inside of her knee. That leg buckled and hard, a supressed whine of pain hissing through her teeth, forcing Samiya to take the roundhouse that followed on her hastily crossed forearms.


But it’d made Ultragirl come in close. Which left her wide open for the punch that ploughed into her belly. Taking her chances where she could make them, the tattooed wrestler grabbed the gasping beauty by her neck and leg and heaved her up and over in an impromptu Fisherman Suplex. Ignoring the urge to bridge up for the pin as well as the pain in her leg, instead she swung herself around into a mount and started to rain blunt punches and forearms down on Sabrina.


That wasn’t her speciality. If Sabrina had really wanted to be grounded and pounded by the local expert, there was a big redhead named Alicia Wells who cheerfully have beaten her into a fine pulp.


Samiya’s punches were a little wild, a little lacking in focus and Sabrina was able to keep the brunette from ringing her bell too badly. At least, until she managed to escape. This time, however, Samiya stuck to her like glue.


Striking wasn’t her speciality at all. But even she recognised that, by staying close, she robbed Sabrina’s kicks of a lot of their power. Taking a hit to the ribs at point blank range still wasn’t fun but they weren’t the blasting wrecking-balls they were when Ultragirl could fully unfurl her legs.


By contrast, while she wasn’t a striker by trade, Samiya’s short and thick physique was just better suited to an up close and personal brawling match. Her lower centre of gravity kept her on her feet, her height let her loop her punches in under Sabrina’s guard into her belly. And she only needed a couple of hits.


The first came when she reversed a missed punch into an elbow that took the blonde bang in the navel as Sabrina revved up to throw a knee back.


It doubled her over and Samiya wasted no time in following up, this time with an uppercut right to the chin.


While Sabrina reeled, she pressed up close and grabbed the blonde by the throat right before sweeping her leg. And slamming her down with an authoritative chokehold STO.


The Schoolgirl Assassin paused just long enough to scrub her forearm across her lips, checking for blood, before she booted Sabrina over onto her front. Squatting down besides the fallen wrestler, Samiya secured the leg nearest her and, bending it at the knee, went to curl it around the back of her own neck. Then and only then, she went to step over Sabrina’s neck, looking to stop her just spinning out of the hold.


An understandable mistake, given the condition both women were in, but one that gave Ultragirl the moment she needed to do just that. Slipping her upper body out from under Samiya, she twisted back and used her free leg to boot the Assassin in the face. The blow didn’t have a lot of force behind it but it – and the two that followed – had enough to shake the submission grappler loose despite an attempt to turn the failed hold into a kneebar.


Samiya scuttled back as Sabrina pulled herself up, before the tattooed grappler came blasting back in with another Spear.


The Spear had worked pretty well for Samiya earlier in that very round. The smaller woman could still build up an impressive head of steam and the weight and power she could bring to the move was dangerous. This time, she was hoping that Ultragirl would go for the kick, expecting to counter it into a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. And once she’d got the blonde on the canvas, this time there’d be no mercy.


Sabrina had already slipped out of two submissions this round; not a third time.


Samiya was half right. Sabrina was indeed expecting the second Spear.


But she didn’t counter it with a kick. Instead, she stepped in, slipping a hand between Samiya’s legs and one over her shoulder. Hefting her up with a grunt of effort, Sabrina sat down, the Michonoku Driver leaving the local fighter sprawled centre ring.


Pulling herself slowly to her feet, Ultragirl headed up top, ascending to the top turnbuckle to the growing cheers of the watching fans.


They might not be a Rival Angels crowd in the main, but they still knew what was coming.


Bending her knees, Sabrina sprang off the turnbuckle, her hair flaring out behind her in a plume of gold. It seemed like the champ hung there for a frozen moment of eternity, cameras snapping all over the arena as the fans recorded the decisive moment for posterity.


Not many wrestlers could turn a corkscrew 450 splash, yet alone execute it with the panache and crisp skill of Ultragirl. This one was no different.


Which made it all the more surprising when her plunge came to an abrupt halt. Up on one knee, Samiya somehow managed to catch the flying ace and redirect all that momentum into a ring-shaking scoop slam. The Schoolgirl Assassin fell off to the side, in no shape to immediately capitalise – indeed, it was a good six seconds into the ref’s ten count before she staggered to her feet. And she couldn’t make it across the gap before Ultragirl, who’d taken the brunt of the impromptu counter, reached her knee a couple of seconds behind her. Suddenly the match was back up for grabs.


“So…” Sabrina huffed, pulling herself up with the ropes as she carefully watched Samiya for signs of an attack, “All this research…”


She managed a slight grin, both of them down to the dregs now. This was going to be it.


“Guess you know about my partner.”


Judging by the look of revelation wreathing Samiya’s features, she knew what was coming. The Schoolgirl Assassin whirled around, a hand coming up to block the green mist she was sure-




She turned back, to find herself looking right into the blonde’s renewed cocky smirk.




There was just enough time for those dark eyes to widen before the follow-up Ultrakick caught Samiya bang on the chin. There was a definite ‘krak’ as Sabrina’s foot smacked home, the latest victim of her finisher left splayed centre ring.


Taking only a second to relish the cheers, the blonde pumped her fist in the universal ‘going high’ gesture and took them to a new level. Scrambling up the turnbuckle, Sabrina threw herself into the air, twisting over and around and down onto Samiya’s belly in a picture perfect Ultrasault. And this time it hit home. The tattooed wrestler instinctively tried to jack-knife around the sudden intrusion as she wheezed desperately for air that wouldn’t come, the noise virtually drowned by the uproar from the fans.


Given the mix of styles that they were used to seeing, high-flying wasn’t as common here as it was in other federations but they could still appreciate a beautiful move when they saw one. Add to that the excitement of the match and they were more than happy to cheer themselves hoarse.


This would usually be the point where Sabrina went for the pin. She wanted to, her body tired and worn and the rushing adrenaline only doing so much to stave off both.


But that’d be wasting time given the rules and giving Samiya a chance to recover and turn the tables again. Maybe. The Ultrasplash had probably been overkill but so sue her. Anyway, Sabrina knew what she needed to do.


Spin around ninety degrees. Reach back, get a grip on Samiya’s hair so she can pull it up.


Stretch-squeeze her legs around the other wrestler’s neck, locking her ankles together to secure the reverse headscissors. Immediately, she was rewarded with a much more pained gasp and hands palming her trim quads in a futile attempt to prise those crushing limbs apart. Using her own arms to keep control of Samiya’s lower body or, at least ensure the other wrestler can’t go for a reverse of her own, Sabrina gritted her teeth and focused on keeping the pressure up.


“Looks like the assassin got assassinated,” she still couldn’t resist some wisecracks. If they sucked, well, she was blaming that DDT earlier.


But it looked like she was bang on the money. Samiya groaned and did her best to knock them over or otherwise break the hold, but nothing she tried was enough. Not this time. Ultragirl’s legs were impressively strong in their own right, deadly weapons Sabrina had honed over the years and she was never going to budge them in time.


And the ropes might as well have been in the next room.


Before too long, one hand switched from tugging to frantically tapping on blonde thigh. Then the bell rang and Sabrina released, rolling off and onto her back. She was breathing hard but grinning widely. Before long, she was back on her feet and celebrating, hands held high as the crowd cheered.


Forgotten, Samiya pulled herself up to one knee. A slight, thin smile twitched at her lips for an instant before she rolled out of the ring, seemingly irate but surprisingly content with her loss.


“Hey! Samiya!”


Frowning, the Schoolgirl Assassin turned back to see Sabrina at the ropes facing her. When the blonde was sure she had the submission artist’s attention, she dipped into a slight but unmistakeable bow of respect. Straightening up, she grinned at her opponent.


“Thanks for the fight. If you’re ever looking for a rematch, just look me up.”


For a moment, Samiya paused before she dipped her chin in a tiny nod. Tiny but, judging by Sabrina’s answering dip, noticed.


With that, the tattooed fighter resumed her exit and Sabrina turned back to her new and adoring fans.


For all that she’d won, Ultragirl would be feeling that fight later. But, for now, she was content to enjoy the moment.