My friend Cale from AFW has come up big during the Winter Break with contributions during Cocoa Week and last week with Krystin and Sabrina. Anyone recognize the guest cameo?
These images have a story to go with it, so without further ado:

Camille vs Kimiko

Ms Cote is tangling with Kimiko.

Arrogance is a bugger, an Camille reckons she can just steam roller this skinny looking Asian grappler.

Big mistake – Camille finds herself tangling with a python on the mat, and no matter what she does she can’t get space or control.

And now the choke is in – deep.

Camille powers her way onto all fours, and crawls to the rope. Everything is getting blurry when she grabs hold, then she’s rolled over off her legs.

She’s still holding on to that rope…

Where the hell is the break?

Camille grits her teeth and hangs on when she hears it…

“Break. Break! Break dammit!!!! One! Two! Three!…”

Hissing Camille hangs on…


Finally she’s released, and still awake….

The ref gives her a few minutes to clear her head; Camille is ready to go again.

Not going to repeat the same mistake. Instead of shooting the double leg she gets the double underhook.

Camillle is bigger, and stronger. And an Olympian wrestler.

Kimiko knows how to breakfall from judo. Does not matter. Like a rag doll Camille slams Kimiko’s head and shoulder into the mat.

And again.

And again.

Kimiko’s neck feels whiplashed and her skull is full of fog from the concussion.

And now her knee feels like it’s exploding.

Camile speaks again…

“C’est la merde – salope!”

Kimiko doesn’t speak French. She does speak tapping out, and she’s doing that right now.



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