Some terrific rolling between these two, and this is the next best thing to actually seeing it live. A great bicep slicer to Kimura, and then just a good, classic triangle. As usual, Sabrina shows terrific heart, but her technique and ego are getting an education.

A terrific way to finish a sparring session, complimentary and encouraging and more than a little thought and experience in the can. Sabrina’s training for Brenda isn’t nearly finished, but she’s got a good start.

Let’s give CALE a hearty HURRAY for coming through on the Winter Break and bringing us a great story about training of all things and making it look good. If you haven’t, go and give his website a look, as well as his DeviantArt account.

Now that I got the books out from the Kickstarter, let’s do a Hangout this Sunday, January 28th at 11am CT. We’ll chat about the latest Rival Angels live action matches, the WWE Royal Rumble and everything else you want to talk about. 🙂



Winter Break 2017


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