WE ARE BACK! Did you miss the ladies? I’ve been working hard to make this last season the very best it can be. Sabrina, Krystin, Brooke and Sun are in for the most exciting, scary, awful, wonderful roller coaster ride yet and let’s not forget all of the other Rival Angels ladies, like Yvonne, Brenda and the very mysterious Camile Cote.

I’ve used this time to build up a buffer to ensure a smooth update schedule and Dave is going to continue the CARIBBEAN CHAOS story on Mondays. I’ve also put some time into creating a PATREON page to help directly support the comic in lieu of merchandise or books that you already have. Check it out if you’ve a mind to chip in or just see what the fuss is about.

One last thing is that I’m actively helping out on the broad Story of THE DREAMER, which is Rival Angels’s BFF. It is going to be such a fun, scary, wild ride that you will love.

Voting Incentive!?
We’re going to try something a little different. Still previews of the upcoming pages, but feel free to do that by going to the usual Top Webcomics, OR, the Rival Angels Facebook Page (updated in the morning). Whichever one you use, don’t use, use both, neither, it’s all good, but if you do either, know that it helps support Rival Angels.