Happy Birthday Rival Angels!
Rival Angels 4 years old!!  We’ve seen a lot of drama and action in these last 4 years and you can bet there’s plenty more of that planned for Sun, Sabrina, Brooke Krystin and the rest as we kick off Season 2.

Happy New Year and welcome to Season 2!
We start with a look back at Sabrina during her High School rugby days and how it has affected her today. Written by Peter Vine of the amazing webcomic, Hard-Graft, this will be a entertaining look into Sabrina before she was Ultragirl.

Something new I’ve added is Chapter page breaks. Readers have been asking for a better way to differentiate chapters, so I’ve borrowed an idea from other webcomics, including The Dreamer to help break things up nicer.

Voting Incentive!
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