I’m pretty sure Sabrina hit every emotion in the spectrum on this page. If you follow Green Lantern, which power ring would best suit Sabrina? 😛 Ah, poor Yoshi…

C2E2-Chicago Comic Convention! 
This weekend, April 13-15 I’ll be exhibiting at C2E2 in downtown Chicago with Lora Innes at Booth G14 in Artist Alley!! According to the map, we should be in the main aisle of Artist Alley. We’re both going to have some sweet new merchandise and if you’re going to be around, please come by and say HI!

C2E2 Commissions!
I usually get booked up on my art commissions for cons but I’m going to open them for 5 people. Is there some are you’ve been clamoring for? Maybe a Batgirl or Captain America? Maybe a Rival Angels girl like Sabrina, Krystin, Sun or Brooke?! If you’re interested, single person commissions are $30 and two person commissions are $50. Email me at archangel[at]rivalangels.com if you’re interested.

Voting Incentive!
What’s coming up on Wednesday? Might be a match…