Tempers are coming to a head! We have a little more info on Neko Suki, but now who’s this Cocoa Rococo woman? (Hint: She’s the person that Ian is referring to in the first panel). And from the last panel, it seems that Cocoa has admirers too.

Anime Milwaukee!
If you happen to be in downtown Milwaukee starting today, be sure to check out Anime Milwaukee! I’ll be there as a guest of the show! I’ll have books, prints, posters and doing commissions of your favorite characters. I’ve also got a couple of panels, Making Webcomics with Trevor Mueller and a panel on Rival Angels! Be sure to bring your questions for those. And be sure to come by and say Hi!

Voting Incentive!
Coming up on Monday…Kaci and Sabrina aren’t done by a long shot. Vote to see what’s coming up!