Some joyous reunions, and some…not. In case you forgot, the guy in panel 3 is Andre. Looks like him and Sun are going out? Maybe. I dunno.

Mid-Ohio Con!
I’ll be at table 1023, right next to Lora Innes at Columbus’s Mid-Ohio Con! I’ll have comics, sketchbooks, prints, posters and the new Dreamer short story, A Providential Hello which is written by Lora. This is a very handy way to get it and have us both sign it! So, if you’re going to be at the con, be sure to come by and say Hello!

A Providential Hello!
Remember that really cool Dreamer side story I worked on with Lora Innes? Well, it’s in print and we’re going to be selling them this weekend at Mid-Ohio Con! But if you can’t make it, you can still order it online here! 

Dreamer APH

Voting Incentive!
I think someone feels a headache coming on. Vote to see what’s coming up on Friday!