Xtina had her turn on Friday, now we have Sun’s side of it. As you can see, she’s sassy and confident as ever.

ACEN 2011!
Anime Central was a total blast and I had fun hanging out with great company like Trevor Mueller, Russell Lissau, Steve Horton and Josh Elder this weekend and a special shout-out to the men and women of ACEN for their generous hospitality. I also had amazing table neighbors in Adam and Comfort Love (check out the Uniques!) and they are always so much fun to talk to. Last but not least the amazing friends, readers and fans of Rival Angels and Anime that I got to meet and talk to. It was a wonderful time.

Voting Incentive!
Some of you have been wondering wheat’s up with Brooke, Michael and Maddie. Vote to see what’s coming up with that!