Three, the win streak is over and Kat is the winner and first ever Television champion in front of a stunned audience.  Are you stunned? And what now for Sabrina?

Happy Birthday! Happy New Year!
Rival Angels is 3 years old! I love being able to celebrate a new year and Rival Angels turning another year old. No missed updates, 471 pages and counting.
At the beginning of this year, Sabrina was fighting Xtina Carpenter to continue her win streak and her bid for the TV title. Sabrina and Sun had also been at odds after a nasty fight between the BFF. Krystin’s feud with Sara Valentine kicked up a notch when Gabrielle hinted that she might lose her job with another loss. Brooke came face to face with her lover’s fianceé…and blinked. She also got some sugar from Nathan Hale! World Champ Brenda Rua got jacked up by Black Widow, the Rumble Awards and the alleyway beatdown to name just a few things.

Quite the year. What were some of YOUR favorite moments of 2010? What do you think 2011 will bring?

Voting Incentive!
Vote to see a commission I did of DynaMo Chen from Mid-Ohio Con last month! Dyna and Krystin vs Hell’s Belles!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I hope it’s the best one yet. 🙂