Readers that also participate on the Rival Angels Forum might recognize some of the signs that they suggested in panel 2, as well as throughout this match and the pay-per-view. There seems to be a single theme with the advice given to Sabrina. XD

Mid-Ohio Con!
I’m a guest at next week’s Mid-Ohio con. Last year was a brilliant time and I expect no less. Plus, I’ll have a new sketchbook, new 28 page comic, new prints and sketchcards to debut. If you’re going to be around, please stop by and say HI! I’ll be at Booth 726 all weekend and moderating the Webcomics Panel on Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Dig it.

Voting Incentive!
To get a preview of Monday’s update, as well as what the possible theme of this match is going to be, be sure to VOTE! Plus, Rival Angels is kinda low on the rankings and we could use a boost to get us back up the charts. Help out and vote!