Uh….this might be it for our goddess. She’s been beaten from pillar to post, in and out of the ring only to get flattend by Monica. I mean, she’s only got one second to raise one of her shoulders. Can she do it?

A shame since she tried to utilize the unorthodox ‘move’ that Sabrina suggested to her, and at the time had some good results. Not so much this time. Might be time for Brooke to go back to the drawing board.

10 year Anniversary!!
So, I’m not here. Through the power of science I was able to write this up early and have it post today (including voting incentives, so don’t be alarmed if they don’t show up right away. They should post by 3am ET). The Mrs and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in Vegas, the place where we got married. 😀 Enjoy the update and hope that the number 10 is lucky on the roulette wheel. lol

Voting Incentive!
This next bit could be a sign that it might not be over for Brooke! Or, maybe this is some bad sportsmanship boiling over post-match?