That degenerated pretty quickly, didn’t it? Not much love for the opponent of their hometown hero, Chloe De Sade which is obviously very new for Sabrina. How much will it affect her?

Next Update: The start of the show!

Big 10 Contest!
College football is in full swing and I thought it was time for a contest.  Based on common knowledge of where the Upstart Girls have been, which Big 10 schools could they cheer for? For example, I live in Milwaukee, WI and have never lived, went to school, or worked anywhere else, so my one and only Big 10 school would be Wisconsin. To start you off, since they all live and work in Chicago, one school would be Illinois. Can you name the rest? List all of the schools that they could root for and the first person to correctly list all of them will win a custom sketch card from me of any Rival Angels character.
EDIT: WE HAVE A WINNER! inconcordium got it right and posted first.
Purdue, Indiana-Sabrina’s home state
Penn state-Sabrina’s college
Michigan State, Michigan-Sun’s home state
Minnesota-Krystin’s home state
Northwestern, Illinois-Upstart Girls living in Chicago, working for Rival Angels.

Voting Incentive!
My friend, Nancy did the most amazing picture of Sabrina and Brooke fighting each other. Check out the amazing.