Well the Rumble Awards have started off with a bang, eh? I think it’s a good time to remind that Brooke/Aphrodite and Monica will be fighting their 3rd match between them at the Heaven and Hell PPV. They each won a match and this will be the deciding match in their feud. We know that Brooke has Amanda in her corner and a new finishing move thanks to Sabrina, but will it be enough?

Wizard World Chicago!
This Thursday thru Sunday afternoon, I’ll be attending Wizard World Chicago! I can be found in Artist Alley sharing booth 3116 with Trevor Mueller as well as John Bivens, Steve Wallace and Russell Lissau. I’ll have Rival Angels graphic novel #1, #2 and sketchbook as well as prints and commissions. I’ll even be cutting a deal. If you buy books 1 and 2 (at a discount) I’ll throw in the sketchbook for FREE. You can also get this same deal online!

Voting Incentive!
The next award is going to be Tag Team of the Year and let’s get a glimpse at a team we haven’t seen in a while.

EDIT: Here’s a link to the award winning moment involving Amanda, Monica and Aphrodite!