So maybe Gabrielle isn’t as altruistic as originally thought. Kat’s still in the TV tournament and now Sabrina’s got one chance to stay in Rival Angels. Things can change quickly around here.

Next update: Sun, Krystin and Brooke discuss the situation and what options there might be.

Page 400!
W00t! 400 consecutive updates! I’ve had great help along the way from Justin Riley (Editing monster), Lora Innes, Kristen Perry, Scott Sava, and the Daves. At times, I feel like I’m standing on the shoulders of giants.

I’m happy to say that my 3-4 week buffer is holding strong and I look forward to many more updates.

Rumble Awards!
We’re taking some nominations over at the Forum, so if you’ve got a name that deserves some consideration make your voice known!

Voting Incentive!
To help celebrate the occasion of 400 pages, I thought I would pay homage to a famous foursome. Turtle power!!