Four guys who know of the Upstart girls, even spent some *ahem* time with them. Sabrina and company seem to know them too. Four guys, four girls. It’s a good dynamic. Well, you should know by now that things aren’t always what they seem around here. 😉

Iron Man 2!
I got to see Iron Man 2 (finally) and I thought it was outstanding. Maybe a smidge less than the first one, but a fun film. Tony is charismatically smarmy and you can’t help but root for him. Mickey Rourke was excellent, especially in the beginning of the film. Don Cheadle had the perfect amount of screen time as the BFF. Scarlett Johannson, who I’m normally not a fan of, did a great job with what she had to work with and I think it all melded together to make a great movie. Let’s hear it for Iron Man 3!

Voting Incentive!
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