Well, I think we can add Canadian Dynamite Xtina Carpenter vs Lil Dragon Sun Wong to the Heaven and Hell Pay-per-view. Sun’s response to Xtina is especially interesting if you remember in the last few pages how Xtina and Sabrina agreed that Xtina wasn’t trash talking them. Is it possible that Sun was looking for a fight?

If Sabrina’s not careful, she’s going to get Ninja’d. Sabrina is slightly embellishing the events of what happened. She added in the last bit about, ‘You got me? Who’s got you?” Anyone guess what movie she’s quoting?

You’re not going to want to miss the next update. Terrible, terrible secrets are revealed!!

Caption Contest!
Lora Innes and I are running a caption contest where YOU get to play and decide just what’s being said AND have a chance to win some loot in the process! Think you can attach some fun dialogue to the Dreamer cast on the bridge of the USS Enterprise? Come show us!

Panel 4 and 6 have some Rival Angels characters that we don’t get to see all the time. We got Susy Love, Snow Kitten, Amanda Breaker, Shannon McCourt, Veronica Silver and Lil Alexandria.

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