So ‘probation‘ didn’t include body shots, so some might have hoped for. 😛 The Damage Inc girls sure have some expensive tastes (Dom, Cristal Rose, Courvoisier and Fuji) and quite the thirst to go through that many spirits. Or maybe they’re just being mean? Hopefully, Sun’s got her debit card on her but that’s still a lot of money and the night’s just started. Speaking of which, we should go see how Sabrina is doing with her apologizing to Xtina.

Interview in Fighting Females Magazine
Issue seven of the Fighting Females magazine has Rival Angels on the front page and a four page interview with me on pages 20-23. The rest of the issue is pretty cool too with articles on Wrestlicious, Rain, Nevaeh and Molly Holly! Fans of Celebrity Apprentice might enjoy the article on Maria Kanellis too.

Voting Incentive!
Want to see how Sabrina is getting on with that apology to Xtina? Vote!!