In hindsight, Krystin probably should’ve stopped asking questions after the ‘am I getting fired.’ Just not good answers for her. Expect Krystin’s family at ringside for her Last Standing Woman match with Sassy Sara Valentine. Any early predictions?
That seems to take care of Krystin, Sabrina and Brooke for the pay-per-view. Seems one Upstart is unaccounted for.

Heaven and Hell Pay Per View-current lineup
Man it’s shaping up to be a doozy!
World Championship Match – Brendra Rua vs Black Widow
Chloe de Sade vs Sabrina Mancini
Tag Team Championship Match – Black & Blue vs Catgirls
Last Woman Standing Match – Schoolgirl Sara Valentine vs Krystin Moline
Aphrodite vs Monica Rumble
TV Championship Match – Kat Smith vs Sabrina Mancini

The card is subject to change and we definitely are missing a few people on that list especially since no one from Damage Inc is on there. Yet.

Rival Angels books shipped
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Voting Incentive!
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