Sabrina’s rough when she wants to be. XD Things are starting to get out of hand and for once security is present. Will security be enough to stop the girls from laying the smackdown or are we in for an all out catfight?

If you remember me whining a bit on twitter a few weeks ago about the complexity of a page I was drawing, this’d be it. Not much to do about, it is? 😛

Lora Innes Commissions!
You recall those awesome convention commissions sketches I get from Lora a few times a year. It’s that time again and she still has a few slots yet. Get a slot before they’re all gone! And, if you’re in the mood for something in Rival Angels, I think she might be open to the idea. 😉

Voting Incentive!
That last panel took quite a long time and I thought you might like to see it without the word balloons. Vote to check it out!