You all remember Hell’s Belles right? Kind of refreshing to see girls of different views agree on something. Ah, Tyler, not quite the master of your own domain, eh? lol

Dreamer Angels April’s Fool
You guys check out the Dreamer/Rival Angels ‘project’ I posted about yesterday? Check it out here for a laugh. 😀

“Slump buster” explained.
Krystin’s insult to Hell’s Belles includes figuring which of them gets to be the ‘slump buster.’ When a person gets their romantic overtures shot down repeatedly , they lower their usual standards of dating in an attempt to break their ‘slump.’ It’s generally an unattractive person that they normally would have nothing to do with, but are looking to break that streak.

Voting Incentive!
Vote to see an amazing piece done by Lora Innes of bad girls Betsy Loring and Chloe De Sade! After that, go visit The Dreamer. It updated today too!