Does this mean things are….gasp…calm for once in the Upstart house? More importantly, just what ‘game’ does Brooke have in mind now? Whatever it is, it’s sure to be classy, Brooke style.

GSP vs Dan Hardy!
Huge UFC fight this Saturday with champion Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy. Just like Jericho/Edge, I really enjoy watching both guys work and I think it’s going to be an amazing fight. I’ve always liked Dan Hardy and his striker style and really my only complaint is that the Manchester fighter doesn’t come out to Oasis for his entrance music XD but I think GSP is going to win. The man is phenomenal freak of nature. He could outrun me on my bike, kick me off the bike and then jump on the bike and keep riding before the bike would fall off the ground. The guy is way too humble and cool to do that, thankfully for me and my bike. Hardy would just Hulk-punch the bike and be done with it. 😛

Voting Incentive!
Could it be the big night coming up on Monday? Vote to find out!