Lots of love for Brooke on this page. Supportive roommates are hard to come by. Or maybe Krystin’s got some other plans?

Anime Milwaukee!
In case you missed yesterday’s blog post about my time at the Anime Milwaukee Comic convention, you can check out here!

WrestleMania 26 this weekend!
Anyone going to catch the big PPV this Sunday? I think I’m looking forward to the Money in the Bank match the most. I’m also looking forward to Edge/Jericho and while both guys are awesome, I hope Jericho pulls it out. He’s probably the very best all around talent in the WWE. And if prior WrestleMania’s are any indication, any Diva matches will suck hard with little time to showcase any talent. Boooo!

Voting Incentive!
What can be said other than it’s Brooke and her ‘assets.’ Vote to see what I mean!