Well, I guess that’s decided then. lol The night that Michael is having, I don’t know what will make him happy.

The movie posters are filled with some of my favorite webcomics, in order, Hard Graft, Marsh Rocket, The Dreamer, Red Moon Rising, o31, and The Elevator.

Sketch offer ends today!
Complimentary free sketch with every order of Rival Angels Volume #1 ends today! Be sure to order a copy if you haven’t already done so.

Anime Milwaukee
Come out and see Trevor and I as we kick off the con season with Anime Milwaukee, March 12-14! I’ll be there with Rival Angels Volume #1, some new prints and good cheer. Come on out if you’re going to be around.  We’ll be hosting a few panels as well including How To Make Webcomics on Saturday from 11am-Noon.

Voting Incentive!
Vote to see how the three of them are getting along.