Brand new chapter! What a way to start things off. That last question is a lot more complex than it would seem. Brooke might think twice before asking ‘what do you want for your birthday,’ again.

Woot! Man, this was a fun olympics! From the hockey(!) to the curling to ice skating programs to the slalom, they were all really fun to watch. I don’t think I missed all the shows that took their winter hiatus at all.

I also think that hockey needs way more respect than it gets. I mean, really, it was mostly on CNNBC the entire time. Is it really that hard to understand what ‘icing’ is?

The Rumble Awards!
Just a reminder that the Rumble Awards are coming up and will honor the great athletes of Rival Angels. It’ll happen in-between the opening of Club Redline and Heaven and Hell PPV.

Voting Incentive!
Sabrina Chibi! Check out a full color preview of a possible print I’ll be releasing for the upcoming comic shows! Please vote! It’s always important to start off strong at the beginning of the month so thanks for voting!