You think Sabrina and Sun are going to help out Angel after they’re done posing? 😛 Fighting off Hell’s Belles was a drop in the bucket compared to what they have to do next: Talking. Last time they talked, they were in the ring and things got a little hot and a little out of hand. Will history repeat itself?

And now Yvonne has to make a decision concerning their new member. Any thoughts on which way she’ll lean?

The Webcomics List Awards were handed out yesterday. Rival Angels was nominated for Best Comic, Best Longform Comic and Best Character (Sabrina) but we got froze out. It really was an honor to be listed among such luminaries like Dr. McNinja and Questionable Content so thanks to everyone who nominated us in the first place. Thanks to Wendy and everyone that went into making a really fun and lively award presentation. 🙂

Voting Incentive
It’s no secret that Sun and Sabrina have a lot to talk about but there was talk about a certain contract signing. Vote to check out a preview of Wednesday’s update.