If this match has taught us anything, it’s that Sabrina and Hell’s Belles are probably never going to get along and that it’s not a great idea to get Sabrina riled up (see last update, last panel). Sabrina went through quite a lot before and during this match. With Marina motivating her, having anxiety over her best friend Sun and then, you know, beating two other girls in the same match to finally win! Sabrina did win her a match into the Tv Tournament finals but she’s also got a match with Chloe De Sade in the same night! AHHH! Is she crazy?

A Sun sighting! Well, she seems pretty happy that Sabrina won though her Damage Inc teammates might be surprised by her enthusiasm. Well, maybe not one of them but that’s why she’s the boss. Yvonne did a good job of keeping Sun away from ringside, much the same that Marina was able to keep Sabrina away.

I’m still in Vegas (hopefully winning but will be happy not to be broke) and I don’t want to give anything away, but Monday’s got some surprises for you. 😉

Here’s a cool 6 second video of Jennifer Blake executing an Ultrakick, er, superkick. 😉