Angel looked pretty good there but she’s technically outnumbered and the numbers caught up with her. Even though Sabrina and Xtina were worn down pretty well, they are still fighting their hearts out. Their double team didn’t really work but Xtina is poised to win. Can she pull it out? Can Angel kick out? Are there any more surprises coming??

In the 5th panel we have Xtina bulldogging Angel. To see a quick YouTube clip of it (like 17 seconds) click below:

Lora Innes created a non-profit group dedicated to shining a bright light on human trafficking (aka slavery). She got a bunch of webcomic creators together to draw a gal from their cast and she assembled them into a single wallpaper. Sabrina joins the ranks with Bea, Xylia, Hazel, Nastajia and 85 other characters in a snazzy wallpaper gift for your donation. To learn more about the Comic Creator’s Alliance visit  To learn more about the problem, visit (Note: contains adult themes and actual accounts of sex slavery.)

Comic Creators AllianceGo donate to this worthwhile cause. You’d be supporting a wonderful service. Click here.

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