Sabrina had the match won but the ref took off for some reason! In MMA and wrestling, you’re taught to keep fighting until the ref stops you and the bell rings, which is why Sabrina kept up the move even though Xtina was most definitely surrendering.

Here’s the champ, Brenda Rua’s thoughts on the Gogoplata:

“What a surprise! This is an advanced technique from the ne waza of judo and I’m amazed to see her go for it. I’ve had no clue she was even working on it. But she made it look easy. I’m impressed. I’m impressed she slipped it in on me too. Hmmmph!”

Sabrina shows she can talk tough, but still shows the good girl streak for breaking the hold without getting instruction to do so. Basically, doing the right thing. She’s pretty mad that Zach the ref isn’t paying attention. He’s got some explaining to do!! The match continues. What do you think Sabrina’s going to find on Monday?

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Here’s a video of the gogoplata (sorry I couldn’t find one with girls. 😛 )