If Sabrina can reach the ropes, Xtina will have to break the hold on Sabrina’s arm. Can Sabrina do it? If not, she’s going to have submit or risk having her arm broken. Neither is a very good choice but you can’t compete with a broken arm and really, there’s no shame in losing to a talented veteran like Xtina. We’ll know more next update.

It comes out! Seems that Marina did made up some things so Sabrina would be properly focused for the match. Sabrina was so wrapped up in her emotions that it’s hard to blame Marina. Xtina doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor about it, and going so far as to tear down Sun and Sabrina while bringing the pain. That would be the proverbial, ‘adding insult to injury.’ Can Sabrina survive or is she out of the TV tournament?

Here’s a quick video that shows the arm move (Kimura) that Xtina is using:

Shadowgirls/Rival Angels
Pages 3 and 4 are up over at ShadowgirlsComic.com! I got caught up in the New Year that I didn’t plug it properly on Friday, but it’s up there for you to check out. Let me know what you think!

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