Happy New Year!! I hope it’s the best year ever. 🙂

You think Sun wants to go out there and support Sabrina on in person? She’s obviously emotionally invested in the match, which Yvonne has taken notice of. Just like Marina with Sabrina, Yvonne’s doing her best to keep the young rookie in check. And just like Sabirna and Marina, Sun is playing off the importance of this match to her. What do you think the other girls in panel 1 are saying? 😉

Back in the ring, Sabrina hasn’t recovered from Xtina’s illegal blow and is barely in it. Xtina’s eating it up *just* a little bit and exacting a bit of verbal revenge for Sabrina’s earlier onslaught. Xtina likes to talk and get in her opponent’s head and with Sabrina’s rage-y state of mind, it could mean the end for Sabrina’s evening.