Hey everyone! I hope you had a great holiday weekend and got loads of toys from Santa. 😀

Sabrina is showing some fire in her attack on Xtina and looks like some lingering hard feelings in there still. Xtina’s doing her best to counter Sabrina’s offense but finding the rookie a bit unpredictable. That could still work in her favor, but she’s gotta do something fast or it’s going to be over and she’ll be hitting the showers early. The crowd support seems to be split down the middle but it doesn’t see either lady would notice. This one is bound to get nastier as it goes on.

Any predictions for what happens next?

Shadowgirls/Rival Angels
Shadowgirls has been one of my favorite webcomics and was one of the very first I stumbled upon when I started reading webcomics. Ironically, I met DRod at Wizard World a few years ago and that started my interest in webcomics.  They cameo’d back during Krystin’s match with Sara but I needed to do more!  Head on over there to check the spectacular crossover. 😀