Sara took too long showboating!  In her defense, she’s never fought anyone quite like Krystin and wasn’t expecting her to recover so quickly. And just like that, Sara’s on the receiving end of a Krystin beatdown. What’s more, Krystin seems to be enjoying herself. And look at this: they’re in the ring now so the match can be resolved with a pinfall or submission.

Early last month I went to a SHIMMER show and took a bunch of pictures. If you don’t know SHIMMER it’s the very best women’s wrestling federation and I had front row tickets!  The action even spilled into our part of the audience!!

Voting Incentive!
Brand new voting incentive!  Take a peek at what might happen if Damager Kyra Gold (maybe Sun’s new BFF?) and Sabrina crossed paths in the ring. Agree/disagree?