Looks like Sara was busy planting stuff around the ringside area. Crutches and skateboards are fair game and is her equalizer for Krystin’s ground game. Hard to argue with results.  It was all going Krystin’s way just a second ago, but that seems like a lifetime ago. You probably guessed that Krystin hasn’t been involved in many ‘schoolyard brawls,’ and now that Sara’s got the upper hand, life might get downright rough for the Definition of Technician. Also, could it be that Jeff and Sara know each other more intimately than we might’ve guessed? 😉 The action continues on Wednesday!

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting some pictures from the SHIMMER show I went to in early November. SHIMMER is the greatest wrestling promotion around and has the most awesomy women around. Check it out if you get a chance. 😉