Upstart Girls Assemble!!  Oh, those tricky Upstart Girls!  Or at least, tricky Brooke. That’s not saying that Krystin doesn’t appreciate the distraction as it’s giving her a chance to recover from Sara’s sneak attack. Hmm, lot’s of dirty fighting already in this one. These sort of situations tend to escalate too and we’re not even in the arena yet!

Back to this update, Brooke and Amanda kind of show their spitefulness in that last panel. We’ll find out some more of their motivation for coming out here next update. Can you guess? Yeah, it’s more than just ‘supporting their girl.’ 😉

Comic Creator’s Alliance
Lora Innes has put together a coalition of webcomic artists to try and shed some light on a particular nasty problem. Comic Creators are coming together to raise money and awareness for the problem of Human Trafficking in the world today. Creators are contributing art to a single image to help generate donations on January 11th, which is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day here in the U.S. If you want to find our more, click here. If you want to see some work-in-progress from me, check it out here.