Sun’s making a comeback!  Franchesca took a little too long getting to the top rope and paid the price with a top rope Hurricanrana!  With the playing field leveled a little bit, maybe Sun capitalize and build some momentum and win this match. She’s certainly keen on impressing her new wrestling stable, Damage Inc.  For a heel stable, they’ve been pretty quiet, eh?  Not quiet is the crowd and Sabrina who are very vocal in their support for Sun.  Some hope for some reconciliation between Sun and Sabrina after all?

Take a look at what a top rope Hurricanara looks like with the youtube clip below:

WRCA 2009

The voting process for the Webcomics Readers Choice Award has begun and Rival Angels needs YOUR vote!  It honestly only takes a minute to sign up, and vote.  This is a great way to let your voice be heard.  Rival Angels is nominated for:

Best Supporting Character: Sun

Best Antagonist: Brooke

Best Antagonist: Chloe De Sade

Author Congeniality: Me

Best Art

Best Writing