Josephine, er, I mean Franchesca is showing a lot of skill against Sun though let’s not forget that this is her sister’s match.  It’s effectively a two-on-one match here with Sun on the short end of the stick.  Still no sign of Damage Inc getting involved.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  They don’t want to get caught cheating and accidentally get Sun disqualified.  If anyone knows the ramifications of cheating, it’s Damage Inc.

Now, Sun is in big trouble.  She was able to escape the wear down maneuver (the straight jacket/neck tie surfboard) but then got caught with the huge chokeslam powerbomb.  Can Sun kick out?  Will Damage Inc intercede?  More to come on Wednesday!

WRCA 2009

The voting process for the Webcomics Readers Choice Award has begun and Rival Angels needs YOUR vote!  It honestly only takes a minute to sign up, if you haven’t already.  This is a great way to let your voice be heard.  It’s super important to vote early so we can get a good start and win.  You don’t wan to let the angels down do you? Rival Angels is nominated for:

Best Supporting Character: Sun

Best Antagonist: Brooke

Best Antagonist: Chloe De Sade

Author Congeniality: Me

Best Art

Best Writing

Voting Incentive!

The complete Halloween picture is up!  Vote to check it out! Includes webcomic characters:

From left to right, you got:

Brooke as Red from (Brooke refused to wear a wig even though her name is ‘Red.’)
Krystin as Felecity from The Dreamland Chronicles
Sabrina, wig and all, as Bea from The Dreamer
Sun as Becka of Shadowgirls
Amazonia fromLove and Capes
Tychia from Xylia
Bernadette from Hard Graft
Rose from Marsh Rocket