Heh. Despite all of Marina’s motivating talk about champions and how they’re treated, Sabrina still can’t not watching Sun’s match. It should be a good one too, being Sun’s first match as a member of Damage Inc. Maybe Sabrina will help herself to something in the fridge while she watches? XD Champs roll large and this is Brenda Rua’s former locker room so you know she’s can’t risk any old locker room messing with her fabulousness. Maybe Sabrina will get the hint, that being a champ has it’s privileges.

Last review of game plans by both teams and they both seem pretty confident that they’re going to win. Sun vs Josephine; any early predictions? No more buildup, next update, it’s on like a bucket of chicken.

2009 Webcomics Readers Choice Awards
There’s still time to nominate Rival Angels and her characters into the 2009 WRCA Awards. This is YOUR chance to be heard and make our vote count. Some of you have already graciously nominated Rival Angels and I really appreciate it. It’s possible to have more than one nomination per category so if I can be so cheeky as to suggest a few:
Antagonist- Chloe
Supporting Character-Sun
Naturally, I wouldn’t say NO to Art/Writing/Congeniality, etc. 😛  Thanks for helping out!