Sun’s not feeling too well right about now and Krystin just bulldozed a bunch of guilt on top of her. Sun didn’t have a chance to rebuke Kyra’s attitude from last update and getting Sabrina riled up. It might have smoothed things over but now we’ll never know. Krystin took a pretty aggressive stance towards the locker room ‘outsiders,’ and do you think anyone that doesn’t have a fancy private locker room is going to stick up for Sun and Kyra? Sun did mean well even if it didn’t work. Her match with Josephine York is up next. Think this might affect her performance?

2009 Webcomics Readers Choice Awards
There’s still time to nominate Rival Angels and her characters into the 2009 WRCA Awards. This is YOUR chance to be heard and make our vote count. Some of you have already graciously nominated Rival Angels and I really appreciate it. It’s possible to have more than one nomination per category so if I can be so cheeky as to suggest a few:
Antagonist- Chloe De Sade
Supporting Character-Sun
Naturally, I wouldn’t say NO to Art/Writing/Congeniality, etc. 😛

Thanks for helping out!

Voting Incentive!
My buddy gwproject does wonderful wrestling pictures and he picked up on the hostilities between Victoria and Brooke. Vote to see how things are shaking down between the English bombshell and the Aussie bad girl. XD Also, visit his site to see more amazing wrestling pictures.