A-ho! I guess it was Sun all along! XD

Welp, I’m writing this last Thursday as I’m probably in Baltimore or on the way home from the Baltimore Comic Con. In either case, just like Mid Ohio Con, I’m sure I had a great time with readers and friends and success selling the book to the masses. I’ll be sure to have a proper con report up soon.

Back to the update, I hope it gets across that panel 2 is silent (except for the TV going on) because everyone wants to see what’s going to happen between Sabrina and Sun. Who would’ve thought that Brooke would be the one to speak up first though she got shut down pretty quick. Seems Krystin and Amanda are going to let these two have some space. What do you all think is going to happen next? Will they patch things up or do we get World War 3?


I’m back from Baltimore!  It looks like I’m psychic because I DID have a great time and success bringing the book to the masses. 😀  And I will have a proper con report up soon. I should’ve had this in the original posting but in case you’re wondering, ‘Black and Blue’ are the tag team champions of Rival Angels and the Catgirls happen to be the #1 contenders for the belts. Hence, the reason the Catgirls are gunning for the champs.  Feel free to begin any speculation on the tag champs. 😉

Baltimore Comic con Report is up: Go check it out!