Just like that, the tide of the match turns. Has Brooke done enough to put Monica away? We’ve seen her put Monica away before with less effort. The crowd is certainly out of it, if that’s any indication. Plus, you have to think that Monica is woozy from that sneaky DDT. She might be out cold! No small thanks to Amanda Breaker too with the timely trip that allowed Brooke to DDT Monica in the first place. If only the poor ref would take a look at the bigger picture…

I’m back from Mid-Ohio Con! Well, actually, I’m writing this on the Thursday before but I figure all went great, I sold a ton of books and I’m sure I’ll post some pictures in the next day or so. Rolling with Trevor and hanging out at Lora’s pad! Good times and good friends.

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W00t! Back from Mid Ohio Con. It would seem that my early post came true and I didn’t even need to call the psychic hotline for it either. Great times, books were sold (hit a milestone actually) and pictures and stories to be coming. Lora put up a dynamite con report (already!) so check it out.