And sometimes Aphrodite is her own worst enemy. Arrogant and egotistical, she really should’ve kept her focus on Monica. But who could’ve known that Monica would show suck quickness in the face of Amanda Breaker? The girls are going to want to be mindful of the 20 count that have to get back into the ring. I wonder what the count’s at now?

Assuming this match doesn’t end right here, any match predictions or prediction revisions for this match?

Voting Incentive!
This was a piece I was designing to be a postcard to give out at the cons.  Obviously, it’s not done yet, but I thought you’d care to see it, in progress. Plus, it’s incentive for you to vote as its the first of the month and all of the rankings reset!

MID-OHIO CON this weekend, BALTIMORE CON next weekend.
If any of you fine readers plan on making it out to either of these fine conventions, be sure to stop by and say HI!  This weekend, I’ll be hanging out with my friends Lora Innes and sharing a table with Trevor Mueller. You know you want to come out now. MID-OHIO CON this weekend, BALTIMORE CON next weekend.

Webcomics Readers Choice Awards
The Webcomics Readers Choice Awards are taking nominations and its your chance to help Rival Angels! You do have to sign up, but its crazy quick and you can nominate Rival Angels for any and all categories you’d like!  Maybe Sabrina or Sun as Best Protagonist?  Think Chloe, Sara or someone else deserve some recognition?  Then nominate your angel and let your voice be heard!