When the going gets tough, Aphrodite gets going. First sign of trouble and she bails out of the ring. Lucky for her, she’s got a 20-second count to get back into the ring. Aphrodite was quick to establish her strength dominance but Monica showed her tenacity in bringing Aphrodite down to size. Aphrodite has shown that what she might lack in actual wrestling knowledge, she makes up for in pure sneakiness. Expect more of the same next update.

Per usual, Justin Riley is always helpful with proofing, commenting and editing Rival Angels but the great zingers on this update were all him. Thanks Justin!! 😀

MID-OHIO CON this weekend, BALTIMORE CON next weekend.
If any of you fine readers plan on making it out to either of these fine conventions, be sure to stop by and say HI! This weekend, I’ll be hanging out with my friends Lora Innes and sharing a table with Trevor Mueller. Sounds like a party, eh?