So, the talk with Brooke didn’t go over too well, did it? It’s not like Sabrina and Krystin didn’t have a good argument, it’s just that Brooke’s not ready to hear it. Maybe she’ll be more receptive after a bubble bath? I know I would be.

Wow, what a coincidence that Krystin’s phone would ring during all of this drama. We’re getting closer to revealing who the mysterious identity of the person on the other line. Think you know who it is?

And the return of Sun! Though it’s a brand new morning, it would seem her mood doesn’t reflect that. Sun’s all alone, but maybe not for long.

As always, Justin Riley helps edit the pages, but he came through with some help on this page, especially on panel 2. XD

So anyone going to Mid Ohio Con (Oct 3-4) and Baltimore Con (Oct 10-11)? I’ll be at both. If you’re going, please come and say Hi! I’ll have the Graphic Novel, Sketch Book and prints.

Voting Incentive!
Vote to see the collaboration between Shadowgirls and Rival Angels!  I’ve been a fan of Shadowgirls since I met D-Rod at Wizard World a few years ago.  This year, I was in the same aisle with D-Rod and Dave and we got to talking about a  Shadowgirls/Rival Angels Jam.  I think D-Rod brought up something before in a previous post about Lindsey and  Sun being together so we figured that’d be the way to go.  Dave floored me with an awesome picture of Lindsay so I had to make sure Sun was looking just as awesome.  He also did the coloring and dropped that too-sweet background in as well.  If you haven’t checked out Shadowgirls before, now is the perfect time to jump on.